okay guys I’ve 26 days to finish my film so that’s what I’m going to do

bye again tumblr! be back in 26 days.



sweet loot i got from animaga today.

I didnt get everyone bussines cards but  ahh…..Most of these prints are from the same booth.I went past the same twice and the second time i just got a bucnh of prints from them bcs imo they had the best styles in the expo.We had a brief chat but i was very flustered so i came and went and didnt ask names(silly me)(although i recall someone was called Katie)

anyway, check out their tumblr blogs here , here aaand here

Thanks for stopping by dude! It was awesome talking to you, not flustered at all! This brilliant person was a delight to chat to at the Cel Outs booth and so supportive man. Thanks again.

Thanks everyone for swinging by the Cel Outs booth!

It was a blast. So great meeting and talking to everyone. Thanks guys!

More from Glitter Warriors! 

Sarah (inbetweenthelineart) really knocked the voice acting out the park throughout and it was such a blast animating to her voice and hearing her bring the characters to life. Can’t wait to show y’all!

This weekend (27th-28th September) I’ll be at Animaga with the Cel Outs team rockin’ out! 

We’ll have prints, stickers, buttons, all sorts of rad junk so come check it out. We’ll also be doing on the spot commissions and sketches too!

Come say hi and check us out, it’ll be a blast. 

Bringin’ back my aussie witches!

young adult mystery twins y’all


formative influences tbqh

I love her final huge staff 


An animation exhibition by the graduating students of RMIT’s Bachelor of Design (Animation & interactive Media) 2014!

Enjoy an array of over 60 animated works, including 2D, 3D and stopmotion pieces. Watch them as they are projected on the walls, or head over to a computer to watch a specific one. 

Snacks and drinks available. And plenty of time to say hello to the animators themselves.

Hosted at The Grange, located at Grange Place, Melbourne VIC 3000, just opposite the Melbourne Gaol. Access via MacKenzie Street.

Info about the individual films and animators over at
More to be added so check back often for updates!

Facebook Event!

If you’re in Melbourne around this time, come stop by!! My graduating class is throwing this hella sweet event to showcase all our films. 

Some gifs from my upcoming film Glitter Warriors