Enjoy. :)

BOOM. Here it is.

July 20 at 5pm PST/8pm EST



Hi everyone,

Moon Animate Make-Up will debut July 20 at 5pm PST/8pm EST. 

The project is 99% done and will be available on YouTube and Vimeo. The 1% to be done includes fixing a few glitches in the final render, time to render separate files for each site, and double checking all the technical bits. (Vimeo Basic uploads are limited to 500 MB and getting a twenty-three minute 720p file to that size without losing a lot of quality has been a bit of a render gymnastics.) My Mac Mini has been huffing and puffing in this heatwave to render this each time and I need to let it sleep.

I am so sorry for the delay and I cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding with this. Believe me when I say I’m not doing this to be a flake; I want this to look as good as it possibly can before releasing into the wide, wild world of the internet and it is literally only those few details to be done. These past nine months have been an incredible journey; from those initial hours of dread, to the overwhelming turn out of animators and fans, to these last days of checking every frame before the last render. To everyone who contributed to Moon Animate, I could not have asked for a more positive, encouraging, creative, and hardworking group of artists to work with and I cannot wait to show off your work. To everyone who has been watching and sharing this project, you have made this time such a joy with your enthusiasm and support.

Thank you for being there. I feel confident sharing this project once I take care of those few details, but man, am I nervous after all these months of work. Production is my passion and I’m so grateful for every animator and fan who trusted me to see this through to the end. We’re almost there.

See you next Sunday. :)


This goes live this evening! I’m so excited to be apart of this and also to see everyone’s hard work come together for this awesome episode of Sailor Moon. 

warm down astrid sketch~

Winding down after a long night of painting backgrounds with some Hiccup and Astrid

quick sketch

drawing anything vaguely NSFW with my OTP’s

i’m 23

Are any of my followers going to be in attendance at San Diego Comic Con this year??

i need to put down my pen when it gets past 1AM

draws dumb shit at 1AM

the kate lifestyle

Promo poster for Glitter Warriors~

misc doodles between work