Some character visdev for an animation I’m working on this semester with my darling friend Paul featuring Julie D’Aubigny/La Maupin and her amazing and hilarious life.

Robotsona WIP for Robotsona Week! It’s more of a weird robot-human hybrid cyborg cyber punk thing but hey, it looks frickin’ cool.

valley-of-frosting said: Garnet!

*-* Steven Universe. What a beautiful, beautiful show.

magic-murder-bag answered: Dr Orpheus from Venture Bros?

I think he’s a wizard? I have not seen Venture Bros

takin’ art requests to warm up?

misc marauders sketches

featuring jerk bully james&sirius


Historical 16th Century Sea Witch!

I stuck mostly to the later 16th century and took a few liberties here and there regarding the time period (seriously, sleeves from every decade in the 1500’s were terrible) and crammed as much sea witch imagery as possible into it.

Sea Witches govern the wind, bodies of water, and are influenced by the moon. They’re meant to be fairly neutral believing in balance more than anything but my take is a bit darker. Inspired by the tale of Sir Francis Drake selling his soul to the devil, and the devil sending sea witches to raise a storm sinking the Spanish Armada.


Prepare to die, Peter Pan!

Genderbent/Racebent Captain Hook!

We have so many crocodiles here in Australia, I thought an Aussie twist would suit it.

I worked hard on this, and I loved doing it.

Click for large! Looks much better.



struggling with the backdrop



So I scrapped my Glitter Warrior designs and am starting over. I’ve been doing exercises in my sketchbook where you draw the outline of a shape, then fill it in from there. I fixed three of them up on the computer.

dang they cool