i have been watching a lot of Fringe and have been trying to get the faces down


bettervillains: My senior thesis screenwriting project is a feature film based on the life of La Maupin, so I track the tag -- I was delighted to see your animation concept art and it looks amaaaazing. I'm thrilled to see more people discovering her awesome life -- keep rocking it!

Ohmygosh, thank you so much! I’m glad you like it! Especially if you’re writing a feature film about her for your thesis! I’d love to read it when it’s done if you end up putting it up anywhere.

I’ve loved her for a while now, her life is so ridiculous and over the top and just so completely wild. It’s such a trip! There needs to be more love for this woman!

I’ll be uploading more work as the semester progresses so definitely keep your eyes peeled.

workworkworkin’ on a cut out style animation about Julie D’Aubigny ie La Maupin

my partner is doing the animation and I’m handling asset creation

More character design for an animation about Julie D’Aubigny/La Maupin. Featuring her girlfriend (who we’ve named Roma), some lovely period accurate-ish french court people and grumpy nuns.

Some character visdev for an animation I’m working on this semester with my darling friend Paul featuring Julie D’Aubigny/La Maupin and her amazing and hilarious life.

Robotsona WIP for Robotsona Week! It’s more of a weird robot-human hybrid cyborg cyber punk thing but hey, it looks frickin’ cool.

valley-of-frosting said: Garnet!

*-* Steven Universe. What a beautiful, beautiful show.

magic-murder-bag answered: Dr Orpheus from Venture Bros?

I think he’s a wizard? I have not seen Venture Bros

takin’ art requests to warm up?