hiatus until mid september guys

i have a graduate film to animate

you can find me on twitter

warm up


Fred again!

My love witch Fred Taft makes her gallant return with a bit of an updated design~

sevenseveniiva asked: hello, I just want to say I saw ur la maupin short animation and its very cool, luv ur work :)

Eep! Thank you so much. My partner and I worked very hard on everything so I’m glad to hear it was well received! 

I’m currently in the middle of animating my graduation film (otherwise known as animation hell) so won’t have time for much else other than that.

Apologies for the sparse (and somewhat underwhelming) updates guys~ 


antijohndave and I were discussing how absurd we found the idea of Hiccup singing For the Dancing and the Dreaming to Astrid was and as such it spawned these sketches 

Ruffnut, Tuffnut and Snotlout ‘sneakily’ stalk the couple to catch them in the act. Fishlegs wouldn’t care. Hiccup and Astrid mock the idea of them singing the song.

Hey guys!

I’ve opened up a Society6 shop!

So far it’s just prints, iphone cases/skins and mugs. Hope to add more soon~ 

Check it outtttt.